5 Steps to Choosing the Right Home Design for You


A new home should be an extension of your personality, and until the interior design compliments your style you won’t truly enjoy the comfort. Your personal space should not only offer security but also mirror how you present yourself to the world. The following 5 steps will help you narrow down your options and choose the perfect layout for you.


Do your Homework and determine your wants and Needs

Any house design plan approached without preparation, and enough research always fails. Understand that good design has to begin with some solid house planning. This is the point where you determine your budget, how big you want the house to be among other details. Pre-planning helps you evaluate each design and how well each would fulfil your program requirements. Before completing your plan, assess your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Don’t forget to take into consideration local building codes and other decisions that could affect your home warranty.


What things would you want included in your new home? Think about the rooms your family spends most of its times in and why. If you are a family that makes your kitchen the focal point for gatherings then this would mean designing a large kitchen to fulfill your needs.


Assess your Privacy Considerations

When planning for a new home, many people prefer privacy in certain areas such as the master bedroom, office space, and personal living spaces. Determine the amount of privacy you will need from your neighbors and other occupants. Designs with a U or an L shape tend to offer better privacy when building on a suburban or an urban setting. You could consider windows that will offer the adequate privacy from neighboring windows and yards. Also, if it is important to you, ensure you take into account the privacy of your pool, patio, porch, and deck. The location you are in and your landscaping can play a big role in the amount of privacy you achieve in your outdoor spaces.


Furnishings and Aesthetics

Determine if the plan of your floor will comfortably accommodate your furniture arrangement style. Also, when planning the sizes of other rooms, consider the seating area carefully and how the placement of furniture will affect the feel of the house. Measure your current furniture first to ensure it fits well in the space leaving ample walking space and enough room for the doors to swing. Ensure the height of the furniture does not block the windows and areas for personal effects such as art.


Be Careful with the Roof Design

The design you choose for your roof will have a big impact on the overall look of your home. Be clear on the available types of roofs, their shapes, styles, and the impact they have on a home. If for instance, your major concern is maximum energy efficiency, you will need to look for a roof with large overhangs to ensure your windows get a shade during summer. In snowy climates, it is best to have a steeper roof so that you won’t get a buildup of ice. Keep it in mind that not every roof is right for every climate.


Consider your Land Options

Many experts will advise you to choose a lot before getting down to planning the house design. However, no matter the time you choose your land, you will need to figure out the things you need out of your design now and in the future. Then, you can comfortably narrow down on the most appropriate piece of land. Understand that not every plan will fit on all types of land. If for instance, you need a large house with extras on the exterior, you will have to choose a land that fits your agenda. You can also take advantage of characteristics such as sunlight, proximity to amenities such as school, business center, among others.


Selecting the right design for your home is about organizing concepts. A great house should give you the sense that everything is in place, and a good design will make it look like it was easy to create.